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Endless Zombie Tower - Multiplayer host button not available

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Status: Closed (Last update 1/31/2021 6:31:25 PM)

Hello all, there is a problem with our dedicated servers so the host button is not working anymore. We try to solve things in our december-update. We will implement NAT Punch Through technology so most people (Around 80%) are able to host game without port-forwarding or firewall changes without use of dedicated servers. Thanks ! NoserverStudios

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#2 - [NoserverStudios] 1/31/2021 6:28:55 PM
NAT Punch Through not implemented because of no working solution found. Maybe added later, will inform by update news if added.

#1 - [NoserverStudios] 12/7/2020 5:21:00 PM
NAT Punch Through requires more time. Maybe fully implemented on january-update.