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Endless Zombie Tower

You play as special-unit team (Up to 8 players) or alone inside a skyscraper and fight against zombies.

Objective is to master as many floors as possible without dying. Game is over if all players died. This game is not easy and every new floor will be harder to fight.
Every round is different because room content and zombie spawn points are randomized.
Zombie count increases with player count.

Trailer / Gameplay

Trailer on YouTube.com

Zombie classes (10+1 boss zombie)

Slow zombie:
The normal zombie guy.

Fast zombie:
You should aim well.

Medium big zombie:
Could kill you by one hit.

Fat zombie:
Contains small fast zombies.

Small fast zombie:
Contained in fat zombies.

Trash zombie:
Difficult but drops items.

Hole zombie:
Maybe hungry.

Immortal zombie:
Spawns rare but immortal.

Infect zombie:
Smokes to much.

Chair zombie:
Pro gamer.


  • 100 floors/stages (100. floor is special boss level)
  • Random room content and order
  • 3 weapons, punch and some items
  • Adjust your difficulty
  • Play up to 8 players coop
  • 10 zombie classes + 1 boss zombie
  • Zombie radar
  • Minimap
  • Save/Load run
  • Achievements
  • Matchmaking
  • Controller support
  • Donut hat

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