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This will be our newest game. We still develop this game. It will be a multiplayer game with one master server. You will play as a knight and fight against enemies.
This is our third game, called Crowbarfight and released on 08.01.2016. In this game you will play a person who fights against zombies.

This game requires more or less 50MB.

This is our second game, called NewPhyntonos and released on 07.09.2015. It is the continuation of our game SilentForest. You will play on the home planet NewPhyntonos and fight against the enemies.

This game requires more or less 240MB.
Hash (Sha256): 38fc47714b 2c69748dbd 2e65f2a110 2228861cc9 4bf3a130e7 22e25bc1f5 467d

This is our first game, called SilentForest and released on 05.10.2014. You will play as a person who landed alone in a dark forest.

This game requires more or less 80MB.
Hash (Sha256): 444e252c62 f94ed222e1 051209c74b 41c91913fc 7c595fb8e5 6fa29de0d7 718e

If you have questions about one of our games, please send an email to:


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